City Winery Nashville Hosts 3st of the Month

We know eveCity Winery 3stry day is a good day to drink wine, but in Nashville there is a club that takes their drinking seriously on the 3rd of every month called 3st of the Month. Tonight we host 3st’s December event and we couldn’t be more excited because the theme of the event is one of our favorite topics, Sparkling Wine! Our Wine Director David Mensch shared a post on 3st’s blog this morning explaining more about the sparkling wine we’ll be showcasing at tonight’s event.


With our December 3st of the Month “Bubbles” event at City Winery tonight, we’re really getting excited about showcasing dozens of different sparkling wines. What we never expected is that our amazing hosts would be pulling additional bottles from their cellar to share with our members and their guests as well. The following is a guest blog post from City Winery’s Wine Director, David Mensch, where you’ll certainly see why sparkling wine is so much a part of City Winery.

Sparkling wine at City Winery is not just part of our wine program because it has to be. For me, Champagne and sparkling wine from around the world is an integral part of wine and food pairing.

Everyone’s tastes and styles can be represented within a sparkling wine; from a lush Rosé Champagne to a bone dry sparkling Chenin Blanc. You can pair rabbit with a dry Lambrusco and of course the ubiquitous Champagne pairs with basically anything from fried chicken to foie gras.

Sparkling wine can sometimes be overlooked as just something to start with, but for me it is what I power through my dinner with. The thing that makes sparkling wine important to me is the craft that goes into making a Champenoise-style sparkler. The art of blending 50 still wines, hand riddling bottles for 2 years and bottle conditioning for an extra 4 years is something that is uncommon in the wine world. Champagne is the highest elevation of wine art.

We’re very excited to share five of my favorite sparkling wines with the 3st of the Month guests:

Szigeti Sparkling Gruner Veltliner NV

Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut NV

Codorniu Brut “Anna” Cava NV

La Collina Lambrusco NV

Henri Giraud “Espirit du Rose” NV

For more information on 3st of the Month, click here.



Nashville Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

IMG_8244(1)David Richter, GM City Winery; Norman Humber, Nashville Rescue Mission; Chef Kristin Beringson, City Winery


Our friends and neighbors at the Nashville Rescue Mission held a drive this season to collect 1,000 turkeys to serve over 6,000 meals during Thanksgiving week. We were proud to donate 25 turkeys to help them reach their goal. On Tuesday, the Mission held their 9th Annual Mission Possible Turkey Fry hosted by Tracey Lawrence. 500 of the 1,000 turkeys were fried and served with all the fixings to the 800 people who live in the Mission.

The Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community dedicated to helping the hungry, homeless and hurting. They strive to restore hope and transform lives by offering programs that focus on spiritual growth, education, employment and life-recovery. For more information on their programs and to see how you can donate or volunteer, click here.


IMG_8247City Winery Staff


Shure: Nashville’s New City Winery Gets Outfitted With an Abundance of Shure Gear

Shure Microphones


With locations in New York City, Chicago, and Napa, City Winery, the brainchild of Michael Dorf, founder of the iconic Knitting Factory, came to Nashville with one goal—to create a space that embodies the city’s shared passions for wine and music. A unique facility, City Winery combines a fully-functioning winery with intimate concerts, food and wine classes, private events, and fine dining. With upcoming performances from JT Hodges and Rhett Miller, the City Winery team turned to Shure to outfit the new location with audio equipment for private parties, a small restaurant stage, and a larger 570-person music venue.

City Winery partnered with Tour Supply, a company well-known in the live touring industry and audio partner for the existing City Winery locations, to integrate high-quality, intuitive gear. The challenge was to identify cost-effective, yet reliable products to serve a variety of different functions. Also, while the City Winery music venue is supported by a house production manager, the restaurant, winery, and private rooms required frequency agile systems that could be operated seamlessly by restaurant staff who have very little technical audio experience.

To address the many needs of City Winery, Tour Supply selected four channels of ULX-S® Wireless Systems and PSM® 900 Personal Monitoring Systems for the music venue. The team installed three channels of Shure’s entry-level BLX Wireless Systems for the restaurant and winery areas, MX412 Gooseneck Microphones to support corporate presentations and a dash of Shure wired and wireless microphones, including Beta 58, Beta 91A, Beta 98A, SM58®, and SM57.

“City Winery has been an amazing project for our team. The combination of wine, music, and culinary arts is something that appeals to the senses, but when under one roof, it makes for a challenging audio installation,” said Lance Wascom, Tour Supply CEO. “We’ve had close to a 20-year relationship with Shure. Using Shure equipment was a no-brainer for us, as it was for Mr. Dorf and his team. Not only is the sound quality superior, but the gear comes with great support from the Shure customer service team and our local reps over at HWPco Inc.”

A month into operations, the ULX-S Wireless System has proven effective in delivering premium sound quality for music acts. Additionally, the wireless is reliable and in a compact, seek form factor, fitting for the venue layout. In regard to PSM 900, Wascom commented “it’s the best dollar for dollar investment. We trust PSM for our touring artists and the PSM 900 delivers superb audio quality for the professional musicians performing at City Winery.”

In the restaurant and winery, the BLX Wireless System—with professional quality sound, simple setup, and an intuitive interface—has been easy for employees to use. The one-touch QuickScan frequency selection, that quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference, means that employees don’t have to be bothered with the complexities of manual scanning. Additionally, the quality construction ensures it will hold up in the high-traffic environment.

To learn more about Nashville’s first fully-operational winery and the upcoming events at City Winery, please visit To learn more about Tour Supply, visit

For the full article, click here.

Lightning 100: Michael Dorf on Music Business Radio

Lightning 100 recently featured City Winery Founder and CEO Michael Dorf on their Sunday night Music Business Radio program hosted by David Hooper.

In 1986, at only 23 years old, Dorf founded The Knitting Factory, New York City’s go-to venue for independent music. Since that time, he produced over 200 records, a TV series, and become a very respected producer and promoter of indie music.

Dorf talks about his early career on the road managing artists, starting the Knitting Factory, record producing and how his love of music and wine lead to the creation of City Winery’s truly unique dining and concert experience.

Listen to the full interview below.

The Tennessean: Kristin Beringson blends Southern, Greek at City Winery

beringsonChef Kristin Beringson has been busy to say the least, having recently filmed an episode of “Chopped” and left Holland House to lead the kitchen at the new City Winery Nashville. We caught up with Beringson about her new gig.

Why did you decide to make the switch from Holland House to City Winery? I had been at Holland House for three and a half years. I felt I had grown all I could grow as a chef under that roof. The opportunity arose, and I really thought it would be a good chance to try new things. It was a 360 — a music venue, all this private event space, I could grow in a different way.

What was your goal for the menu? It’s very much foods that pair well with wines. It has a lot of Mediterranean influence, so French, Spanish, Italian, a little bit of Middle Eastern and especially Greek. I was born in Greece, so there’s a little Greek influence in everything I do. At Holland House, I kept it more contemporary American, Southern cuisine. Here it’s more Mediterranean flavors with a little bit of Southern flair. Like I have risotto balls, but instead of being stuffed with traditional flavors, it’s stuffed with pimiento cheese and short ribs.

How did you learn to cook? I didn’t start cooking until maybe five years ago. Cooking has always been something I loved. I was managing Target stores for years. I said, “I’m ready to be happy.” I enrolled in culinary school the next day.

What is your favorite dish off the menu? I’ve got my take on French onion soup, but it’s called Nash Onion Soup. It’s got smoked bone marrow and Kenny’s (Farmhouse) horseradish cheddar with house-made sourdough.

We have over 400 (wine) bottles and we do our own wines, but, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to make it on site yet. In the beginning of the year, when Tennessee law changes, we’ll be crushing grapes and barreling and aging on site. It will be a full service winery.

Describe your most memorable food moment. Recently one of my most memorable dining experiences I was up in New York City and I ate at Gramercy Tavern and got to meet chef Michael Anthony. I had the chance to see the kitchen. We ate 11 courses. The service and hospitality was completely beautiful and wonderful.

I filmed an episode for “Chopped” there. It’s airing soon. It’s called “Frankly Frantic.” It was crazy, but it was worth it.

What is your favorite tool and ingredient at the moment? Favorite ingredient is easy — it’s honey. I put local honey in just about everything I make. I think every dish needs a perfect bit of sweetness. And honey is so much better than sugar on so many levels. Tool: I have this one little knife I’ve had forever. I call it Woody. If I lose it, I lose my mind.

For the full Tennessean article, click here.

Warm Up with a Glass of Wine and Our Fireplace

restaurant fireplace

As the temperatures drop outside, stay warm inside with a seat by our fireplace and a glass of City Winery North Coast Zin. It pairs perfectly with Chef Kristin’s spice crusted lamb loin. We  lit the restaurant fireplace for the first time today. Come down and warm up with us daily starting at 5pm.

restaurant fireplace 2

Billboard: City Winery Finds New Home in Nashville


There’s no shortage of performance venues in Nashville — it is Music City, after all — but Michael Dorf, owner of the just-opened City Winery, says he feels his establishment will offer fans a unique opportunity when watching live entertainment that will keep them coming back for more.

The businessman opened the first City Winery in New York. The original location allowed him to pair a winery with a music venue and see how the two could smash up in a city like New York. “I had been putting on shows for a long time and have been on tour with a number of bands,” he said. “I’ve done that for about 30 years. There was a need and an obvious opportunity for a higher-end concert experience that combined the elements of a seated environment with food and beverages into the overall experience. People are looking for more than French fries and beer. People care where their food comes from.”

Since then, Dorf has opened two other locations, in Chicago and Napa Valley. What led him to Nashville? “We were looking at where we really wanted to start to grow and show off the model, and there were a host of them. Nashville has so many great ingredients that it was a no-brainer. Between the convention center and what is going on from a real estate perspective, it just made sense. Obviously, the music industry is very well entrenched in Nashville and has been for a long time. But there was a missing piece between the Ryman and the smaller tourist venues on Broadway. There are some great venues like Franklin Theater and 3rd and Lindsley, but no one was approaching the culinary side the same way we are.”

The menu offers such fare as duck tacos, pan-roasted flatiron and leg of lamb flatbread, while the wine list includes over 400 selections. Musically, the lineup is very diverse, with such performers as Sandra Bernhard, Lucinda Williams, Dr. Ralph Stanley, K.T. Oslin and Joan Osborne booked for the fall lineup. Dorf says he wants a visit to City Winery to be one his clientele doesn’t forget.

“We really try to look at the complete experience at City Winery,” he said. “Years ago, we started a policy of having all of our staff read the book Setting the Table by Danny Meyer, a restaurateur from New York.  It’s a book about enlightened hospitality and that the customer experience starts from the first moment you plan a visit to a venue to the memories that you have after you leave. We pay a lot of attention to the ticketing process — how customers learn about the shows, and even how they pick their seat. We’ve built a proprietary ticketing program that allows the patron to pick the actual seat that they sit in. If you become a VinoFile member, our annual membership program, you get advance notice when we announce the concert. As a member, you don’t have to pay any service charges. We know what it’s like when you want to see a show, and it might cost $25 to $40, and there’s a $9 service fee added on top of that, which can really be frustrating.”

If his past successes are any indication, Dorf is betting that Tennesseans will make City Winery a favorite hotspot in The 615 by simply satisfying the senses. “We believe what you hear, what you smell and taste all come together to enhance the experience. We look at the holistic 360-degree experience that a customer is going to have to make the evening as memorable and special as possible. Time is a precious commodity, and we all have choices as to where we spend that time. We want to make those couple of hours as terrific as possible. It then becomes self-fulfilling. When the artist knows that their fans are enjoying themselves, they put on a better show. I think we’ve built a better mousetrap, and I think people will love it in a town where people love music, wine and food.”


For the full Billboard article, click here.

City Winery Celebrates Grand Opening

On Wednesday, October 1, nearly 1,100 people celebrated the highly-anticipated Grand Opening of City Winery’s newest venue in Nashville. Guests toured the variety of spaces City Winery has to offer including a VIP lounge, three patios, two restaurant areas and three private dining rooms. Patrons were able to taste wine from City Winery’s one-of-a-kind tap system. They also sampled selections from Chef Kristin Beringson’s new menu including Crispy Risotto Balls, Corned Duck Tacos and Wagyu Beef Tartare.

Founder and Owner, Michael Dorf welcomed the crowd and introduced Corel Chisel who once again commanded the City Winery stage. Corey’s soulful performance backed up by his doo-wop band was well-received by the engaged and energetic audience.

Special thank you to our City Winery Partners Reidel and Meyer Sound and our Grand Opening Sponsors, Lightning 100, Nashville Scene, Lipman Brothers, Uber, GFS, KLD Farms, Graceful Tables, Music City Tents & Events, A Village of Flowers and Notes for Education.

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningSherry Byrge, Founder and Owner, Michael Dorf and Chuck Byrge

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningKen Pelletier and Amanda Lao

 City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningMichael Dorf welcomes the crowd.

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningDeana Ivey from the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation welcomes City Winery to Nashville.

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningCorey Chisel

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningCorey Chisel and City Winery Staffer Chelsea Bell

City Winery Nashville - Grand OpeningChef Kristin Berginson with party guests.

For more photos visit our Facebook page.  All photos by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for City Winery.