An Intimate Evening with Lucinda Williams featuring Doug Pettibone - Special guest Kenneth Brian - 1/28

6:00 pm Doors / 8:00 pm Start

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93XRT Welcomes An Intimate Evening with Lucinda Williams featuring Doug Pettibone

Lucinda Williams

Three-time Grammy Award winner Lucinda Williams needs little introduction. Her career has spanned decades and she has blessed her audience with her blend of rock, country, blues and Americana.

Blessed, the latest album from Lucinda, considered one of America's greatest living songwriters, lives up to that and more by delivering 12 new songs that cover an even wider emotional spectrum than her previous work, without moving too far in any one direction.

Blessed, recorded at the end of what Williams calls “a really big writing streak that gave me enough to make two albums,” brings those textures to play in some of the most straightforward songs she’s ever written. While it’s not a concept album as such, Blessed – recorded with producer Don Was – brings together a dozen masterfully-crafted pieces that fall into place beautifully, their welcoming sonic tenor offering an ideal foil for the conversational narrative that runs through the dozen short stories – tales that take in plenty of topical territory, but invariably end up offering the listener a sense of affirmation.


Doug Pettibone

Doug Pettibone has played guitar with everyone. Well, maybe not everyone, but close to it. Give him a couple years. In fact, if you don't currently play guitar, go buy one, learn some chords, and wait. Pettibone is bound to show up soon to cut an album with you. This a guy who has spent a lifetime putting his consummate musical skills into backing up musical icons such as Mark Knopfler, Joan Baez, Tracy Chapman, Jewel, and most recently Lucinda Williams. Musicians want him on tour and producers trust him in the studio. It's amazing he even has time to run over to Denny's for a "Moon Over My Hammy" special. Indeed, Doug Pettibone is to music what a good special prosecutor is to Washington, D.C.- always busy, always in demand, and always looking at more irons than most fires can hold.