Carbon Leaf, Special guest Logan Brill- 10/4

Friday, October 04 2013 6pm Doors / 8pm Start
Fri Oct 04 2013

Carbon Leaf, Special guest Logan Brill- 10/4

at City Winery Chicago



  • Carbon Leaf


About Carbon Leaf

Carbon Leaf Website

“With a steady stream of independent releases in the works for 2013, Carbon Leaf’s autonomous voyage has come full circle – recording and producing from their own studio and releasing their music directly to fans – starting with Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle in February, a 12-song collection of Celtic-inspired original tunes.

Blending Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana, Rock and Pop, perhaps Carbon Leaf’s music can best be summed up in the title of one of their earliest albums, Ether-Electrified Porch Music - a sound that conveys an aura of warmth, punctuated by diverse instruments including mandolin, upright bass, fiddle, penny whistle, banjo, peddle steel as well as acoustic and electric guitars.

Now in their 20th year of award-winning recording, this Virginia quintet is consistently traversing America with their nonstop touring schedule, bringing with them an impressive portfolio of achievements, as they continue to produce a steady stream of new music coupled with energetic live-shows throughout North America.

Carbon Leaf debuted as an independent college band in 1993, eventually leading to a recording contract with Vanguard Records in 2004, resulting in three albums during their six years with the label. Along the way, Carbon Leaf has scored hit singles at AAA and Hot AC Radio with "Life Less Ordinary" and "The Boxer," placed first in the International Songwriting Competition for “The War Was In Color”, was the first independent band to ever win an American Music Award, and in 2010, recorded the music for Universal Pictures ‘Curious George 2’ Soundtrack and released the wonderfully received original holiday/winter concept album, Christmas Child. In celebration of 20 rich years together, the band has an ambitious slate of new singles and full-album releases planned in 2013 for the turning of each new season.

About Logan Brill

Logan Brill Website

Logan Brill sings songs like they were stamped on her heart at birth. Listen. You’ll hear. The youthful singer-songwriter delivers heartache (“Rewind”) and hope (“Write It on Your Heart”) as naturally as breathing.

Brill sings what she knows. She does it well. Clear evidence: Walking Wires. The Nashville resident’s stunning debut braces earthy (“Tricks of the Trade”) and ethereal narratives (“Fall Off the Face of the Earth”) with storytelling as sharp as a seasoned artist. Equal measures edge (“Seven Year Rain”) and energy (“Month of Bad Habits”) back lyrical elegance throughout. Her sincerity shines. “Logan’s is not just a pretty voice,” says Mando Saenz, Brill’s Carnival Records label mate and occasional co-writing partner. “She has a very honest voice that touches people when they hear it.”

Brill wears emotions on her sleeve. “When it’s over some hearts turn to stone/even when the pain is gone,” she sings over mournful guitars on the album’s high watermark “Scars.” “Me, I nearly fell apart/Yeah, yours will be the deepest scar.” Her wounds are palpable. “That’s one of the first songs I co-wrote that I was really happy with,” she says. “It’s about love being like a loaded gun. You know someone’s gonna get hurt but you go into it anyway. I had recently gone through a breakup of a relationship that lasted three years and I really related to the idea.”

Folks notice. “I hear elements of what I enjoy from artists like Pink, Sheryl Crow and Martina McBride,” says Grammy-winning engineer and producer Richard Dodd. “Her style sounds fluid, experienced and in control. Logan obviously understands the songs she sings, which is why her performance is convincing. She’s chosen songs wisely and the record is a perfect vehicle for her.” “Logan’s absolutely amazing,” echoes fellow Carnival songwriter Troy Jones. “She has a voice that makes me close my eyes and just listen.”

Brill sings about love and loss and dreams fleeting and fulfilled. She imagines her heart inside out and pinned to her skin. Curiosity takes her down dark avenues and through thick emotional shadows. “I’m generally an extremely happy person,” the Knoxville native says with a laugh. “I only have very few days a year that I’m down, but I’m really into depressing music. I’m really into music that’s intimate in that sense, even if it’s something that I’ve never experienced before. I’m drawn to the level of depth that you don’t get in upbeat songs.”

Brill’s clearly an old soul, a woman wise well beyond her years. She’s a witty conversationalist whose breezy demeanor and easy smile only allow her soul’s reach when pressed. “I’m pretty young to be singing about some of this stuff, but I’m still drawn to it,” says 22-year-old, who’s fluent in French. “I really like putting myself into that mindset because it’s not necessarily an everyday thing to be brooding. It’s interesting to put myself into those situations in songs and experience things that way, trying to get into a character. I enjoy drama every once in a while.”