Honky Tonk Tuesdays w/ Dirty Generals, Tilford Sellers, White Trash Blues Revival and Pearls Mahone - 1/14

Tuesday, January 14 2014 6:00 PM Doors / 8:00 PM Start


General Admission
Tue Jan 14 2014

Honky Tonk Tuesdays w/ Dirty Generals, Tilford Sellers, White Trash Blues Revival and Pearls Mahone - 1/14

at City Winery Chicago

6:00 PM
8:00 PM


General Admission



About Dirty Generals

Dirty Generals Website

From within the womb of the Auxiliary Art Center's weekly acoustic showcase in Chicago they came as a Country Mid-Western force.  Blending together elements of country, doowop, rockabilly and tradional folk the Dirty Generals have developed a unique sound that contradicts the digital age we live in and the generations of which they came. Think 3 part harmonies, teardrops in your whiskey, boozy bellows and old fashioned grit. Admiral Hertztokoff, Major Cannons & Lieutenant Longfellow's vocals come together as a cocktail of equal parts tradition, emotion and sheer artistry . Don't let them fool ya, they make look clean cut on the outside, but deep down they are The Dirty Generals and they have come to raise hell...

About Tilford Sellers

Tilford Sellers Website

Tilford Sellers and The Wagon Burners hail from all over Indiana and play strait up original Honky Tonk dance tunes and Hillbilly Boogie. It is true country with hints of Bakersfield, Western Swing, and a little bit of Sun era Rockabilly thrown in for good measure.

Go through Tilford Sellers’ swinging doors and find honky tonk so muddy you’re bound to lose your boots. They play cheating songs that won’t make you cry, songs of lament waiting for a Saturday night, and songs that are slightly retro with the occasional hiccup. Their tunes embody the spirit of dancing, drinking, love gained and love lost.

Take time out from your everyday and join Tilford Sellers and The Wagon Burners for one of their two-steppin, low down country shows. You are sure to catch their infectious passion for honky tonk and traditional country music.

Since the release of their first album “What You’ve Been Doing To Me” in 2011, they have been busy on the road, touring all over the United States as much as possible. Their second album “Heartaches, Lies, and Cheating Songs” was released in March of 2012. As of Fall 2013, they have been hard at work on a new album with fresh material that can only be currently heard at a live show.

About White Trash Blues Revival

White Trash Blues Revival Facebook Page

Joe Bent plays the first ever fully functional skiddely-bo... and he plays the hell out of if too! The skiddely-bo, a diddly-bo, of his own design created out of a skateboard, a red stripe bottle, and two guitar strings grind out the dirtiest of the delta blues. A 2x4 for support, a simple broken guitar pick-up and a Marshall half-stack completes the sludgy delta sound.

Ol' Sausage Paw, you may know him from a little blues rock outfit known as Left Lane Cruiser. Well, he decided to put away his real drum kit and bring out his garbage. OSP or Brenn as others might know him bangs the shit out of a cardboard box, a paint tin, a trash can and an electrified 5 gallon bucket.

Rounding out the group is Ando on his Gutbucket Bass of Death. After stealing his mama's wash bucket and drilling a hole in the bottom Ando went months without washing his clothes.

Dirty Pete Diva started playing with the group to fill in for Ol' Sausage Paw when he was playing rockstar with his other band. Pete brings his old school punk energy blasting out hip hop beats on his trusty 13 year old keg still half full of stale beer.