about our food

Our menu is not only wine-focused, but also wine infused. For the launch of our flatbread dough, we proudly claimed to be the "only pizza using real wine lees." Wine lees are the accumulated yeast from our wine sitting in our barrels slowly aging until they are ready to serve. In a city famous for its pizza, we were thrilled to have an original way to distinguish ourselves by reusing this organic product. Our dough recipe gives our flatbread a subtle flavor while keeping a sustainable-friendly mind.

foodFlatbreads are a perfect food to pair with wine, with simple and delicious cheeses, fresh mushrooms, or other seasonal ingredients. A dry white wine, rich and powerful, like the 2009 Roussanne Alder Spring is the perfect drink to bring forward the wild mushroom aroma of our popular flatbread. The oak finish creates a distinctive touch that combines perfectly with fried sage & mushrooms sautéed in garlic, shallots & herbs in white wine and the goat cheese béchamel.

Rib EyeOur menu changes seasonally and our executive chef Andres Barrera is inspired by cuisines from all over the World. One of the noticeable highlights of this summer is the grilled Rib Eye. This Sterling Silver prime beef is aged for 21 days and marinated in fresh marjoram, parsley, black peppercorn, garlic and allspice, and served with a traditional Argentinean chimichurri sauce. The blend of spices and the flavorful meat call for the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Obsidian Ridge Vineyard, to finish a picture perfect meal.

duck taco In the restaurant, the diversity of influences gets to its full potential: daily crudo, lamb kibbeh, albondigas, home made hummus, marinated tomato and olive tapenade paninis... All paired with more than 10 wines by the tap. Michael Dorf's favorite dish: the Braised Duck Taco! A savory dish of pan seared duck, marinated in citrus and herb and served with a home made white corn tortillas, topped with fresh radish and micro cilantro. His wine pick is the 2010 Petite Syrah for its intense notes of leather, black pepper and roasted meats, followed by a round and rich mouth-feel with dark fruit flavors.


The artists who perform here also tend to like to dine here. Take a look at what some of them have to say about our menus!

Instead of going elsewhere, I just stay at the venue with my band and enjoy a terrific meal in a beautiful space. I have to eat light (and drink heavily!!) before a show, so the delicious Pecan-crusted halibut fits the bill. I'm not a big wine drinker, but even the single malt scotch tastes better there somehow. The restaurant at City Winery is one of my favorite pre-show hangs - Marc Cohn

Every time I play at the winery I have the same thing- the sliders. After the show of course. It's a wonderful way to end a wonderful night. -Ingrid Michaelson

Everyone in my camp loved the Girlfriend label commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the album achieving platinum status.The four shows at City Winery have been a highlight of the ongoing tour. The wine was a great bonus - a Bordeaux style Cab/Merlot with a little Syrah blended in for good measure! -Matthew Sweet

City Winery; Great place to play music, great place to eat and drink, great place listen to music, wonderful staff! - John Hiatt