Ian Hunter w/Nick Tremulis - 9/28

Friday, September 28 2012 6:00pm Doors / 8:00pm Start
Fri Sep 28 2012

Ian Hunter w/Nick Tremulis - 9/28

at City Winery Chicago



  • Ian Hunter with Nick Tremulis


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Ian Hunter with Nick Tremulis

Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter Official Website

Ian Hunter was one of the most inventive rock writers of the early '70s paving the way for the decade's 'New Wave' with his thought-provoking, honest and gritty songs.

Ian's musical passion was first ignited by Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and he appeared in various early bands, mainly as a bass player backing Billy Fury and Freddie 'Fingers' Lee. Ian also worked as a provincial journalist and later a staff songwriter in Denmark Street at the musical heart of Sixties London.

In 1969, Ian Hunter Patterson auditioned for a group named Silence that had morphed from several 60s Herefordshire bands including The Buddies, The Shakedown Sound and The Doc Thomas Group. The audition was supervised by Guy Stevens, a manic 'producer', 'A+R man' and visionary from a vibrant and progressive label called Island Records. Stevens was a burning flame, a catalyst and a passionate instigator with a profound propensity for generating and procuring names. He changed Silence to Savage Rose and Fixable then swiftly re-christened the band Mott the Hoople, after the title of a book by American author Willard Manus. Guy's other identities for new groups included Procol Harum and The Heavy Metal Kids and he also 'devised' titles such as Sticky Fingers, 'Death May Be Your Santa Claus', AC/DC and 'The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception' for Hoople albums and songs - some of them lifted from strange and obscure sources.

Nick Tremulis

Nick Tremulis Official Website

If you judge a man by the company he keeps, Nicholas Tremulis is a very interesting man indeed. Over the years of making music since he started in his teens in his hometown Chicago, Tremulis has worked, played and recorded with Keith Richards, Billy Corgan, Bonnie Raitt, Maceo Parker, Rick Danko, Marianne Faithfull and beat poet Gregory Corso, to name but a few. He founded one of Chicago's crown jewels, the annual star-studded charity concert, The Waltz, and as a result, was dubbed "the musical mayor of Chicago" by Norm Winer, program director of WXRT, Chicago's award-winning Triple A radio station, WXRT. A listen to his music makes it obvious why such luminaries keep company with him.