The Tubes featuring Fee Waybill. Special guest Tommi Zender - 6/28

6:00 pm Doors / 8:00 pm Start

  • The Tubes
  • Tommi Zender


About The Tubes

The Tubes Official Website

The Tubes bring you the exciting rock and roll classics of today. This is the music of the hour the music with the feel. We're talking there's never been anything like it. The now sound the no wave. You'll be hearing jazz, swing, country, religious hymns, thrill to polka party. There's dixie, Viennese waltzes, tunes for tots. Get down with romantic moods. And hey Rock and Roll! they're gonna cram it down your throats. Tied for the number one group in the world, please welcome The Tubes!

About Tommi Zender

Tommi Zender Official Website

Tommi Zender is a multi-instrumentalist from Evanston, IL and Phoenix, AZ.  Zender wears many musical hats: Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer/Percussionist, Producer/Arranger, Ambient Soundscape Improviser, Teacher/Coach, Bassist, Collaborator, Accompanist, Studio Gun-for-hire, Musical Director, Transcriber, and of course music fan.