Thirsty Ear Festival - Fulcrum Point, UnTwelve, Evan Ziporyn's Eviyan Trio - 7/20

Saturday, July 20 2013 4:00pm Doors / 5:00pm Start
Sat Jul 20 2013

Thirsty Ear Festival - Fulcrum Point, UnTwelve, Evan Ziporyn's Eviyan Trio - 7/20

at City Winery Chicago



  • Fulcrum Point
  • UnTwelve
  • Eviyan


WFMT welcomes Thirsty Ear Festival
w/ Fulcrum Point, UnTwelve, Evan Ziporyn's Eviyan Trio

5-7pm live broadcast on WFMT

About Fulcrum Point

Fulcrum Point Official Website

The mission of the Fulcrum Point New Music Project is to be a Chicago leader of diverse new music; presenting multi-media performances, generating educational programs, and commissioning innovative works.

Fulcrum Point New Music Project seeks to be a global catalyst to push the boundaries of the musical experience through dynamic performance, artistic collaboration and innovative programming, be the creative space for composers and musicians by commissioning, recording and sharing new work and educate audiences of all ages to imagine the possibilities of music.

About UnTwelve

UnTwelve Official Website

The dimension of pitch in music (how high or low a certain musical sound is) remains largely tied to a standardized set of 12 notes. This is akin to a painter being stuck with only 12 standard colors.

UnTwelve is dedicated to exploring the current and historical frontiers of music beyond that 12-note tuning system. Our mission and vision is to commission and perform musical works which display the excitement and beauty of this frontier to both audiences and musicians.

In addition, we seek to set up musical education programs that highlight the wide-open expressive possibilities of such systems, and to promote and foster their usage by the current and next generation of musicians and composers.

About Evan Ziporyn's Eviyan Trio

Eviyan Official Website

Eviyan is Iva Bittova, Gyan Riley & Evan Ziporyn - 3 unique composer/performers merging into a singular sound, an intimate, acoustic blend of world roots, post-minimalism, jazz, rock, and cabaret. These eclectic, genre-crossing musicians, join forces to create a soundtrack for the 21st century global village - simple, organic and direct, a music of intensity and lyricism, earthy impact and instrumental virtuosity.

Eviyan's musical roots are the lifetime experiences of its three legendary members, each having traveled the globe for decades, collaborating with master musicians on every continent, forging their own paths, finding kindred spirit and inspiration.

A voice and a violin, a clarinet and a guitar, yet Eviyan is more than the sum of these simple parts. Three distinct paths, three composer/performers, yet with a shared ethos: the idea that music must reflect its roots but not be bound by them. All committed to making a music that engages the mind, moves the body, and frees the spirit.