Vanessa Carlton, Special guest Birdcloud - 11/27

Wednesday, November 27 2013 6:00 pm Doors / 8:00 pm Start
Wed Nov 27 2013

Vanessa Carlton, Special guest Birdcloud - 11/27

at City Winery Chicago

6:00 pm
8:00 pm


  • Birdcloud


About Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton Website

Vanessa Carlton had been going at full sprint since she was discovered by legendary record executive Ahmet Ertegun when she was still a teenager, signed by Jimmy Iovine soon after, and exploded onto the pop scene with the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated Be Not Nobody in 2002. But as she was nearing thirty, Carlton felt lost.

Carlton needed a fresh start and ultimately, she made her way to Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in Box, England, where she created something that harks back to a different era of music-making: ten intimate, evocative songs, recorded direct to tape with a close-knit team of collaborators. The songs that make up rabbits on the run, her 2011 release, retain Carlton’s impeccable melodic sensibility, but are consistently surprising and unpredictable.

“I felt like I wasn’t navigating, but the time was navigating me,” says Vanessa Carlton. “I wasn’t manipulating the process at all. I got to that place where you don’t think about how you’re going to do it, you just do it in the way that feels the most clear and right. That shouldn’t be so exotic, but I’d never gone through it before.” Now Vanessa is back at work embarking on a brand new album. She returned to the site of her inspiration, Box, England to work with producer Steve Osborne once again at Real World Studios. Be on the lookout for the release of Vanessa’s fifth studio album in early 2014.


About Birdcloud

Birdcloud Website

Birdcloud met in Murfreesboro and 
immediately didn’t like eachother.  At a party in 2009 they had some
 whiskeys and became friends and started dicking around on guitar, 
writing their first song, a song about going down on your best friend,
now lost to the sands of time.  Despite a lukewarm reception at 
Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, they have been sitting on eachother’s faces 
ever since, showing each other their bruises and generally doing
 whatever they want when it works out that way.