An Evening With Ollabelle: Christmas Edition - 12/20

Thursday, December 20 2012 6:00pm Doors / 8:00pm Start
Thu Dec 20 2012

An Evening With Ollabelle: Christmas Edition - 12/20

at City Winery New York City




A multi-talented, democratic collective whose participants share vocal and songwriting duties, Ollabelle gains strength from its members' shared sense of mission, as well as their diverse musical and personal backgrounds. Although the group initially began as a casual sideline to the musicians' individual projects, it quickly evolved into a full-time creative entity with an unmistakable life of its own.  

It’s no exaggeration to call Neon Blue Bird one of 2011's best albums. The release is especially welcomed by its creators who worked (on and off) for nearly four years to complete the project. During this period, four out of five band members – Amy Helm, Glenn Patscha, and married couple Tony Leone and Fiona McBain – became first–time parents and all including Byron Isaacs were engaged in a variety of outside musical projects.

"By the third song, the new album from this New York quintet essentially grabs you by the collar. On "Be Your Woman," the swampy tempo suddenly shifts into overdrive, the band members are wailing in unison, tambourines are rattling, and you think you're listening to the Staple Singers. "Neon Blue Bird" signals a colorful, and welcome, new shade from this band that puts a modern spin on traditional folk and blues."-- The Boston Globe