CEG Presents Dead On Live: Recreating the Grateful Dead Radio City 1980- 2/11

Sunday, February 11 2018 6:00 pm Doors / 8:00 pm Start / Ends 10:00 pm (Estimated End Time)
Sun Feb 11 2018

CEG Presents Dead On Live: Recreating the Grateful Dead Radio City 1980- 2/11

at City Winery New York City

6:00 pm
8:00 pm
10:00 pm (Estimated End Time)




Over the last several years, Halloween weekend has been associated with the launching of Dead On Live’s latest and “Gratest” Grateful Dead production. Starting with their 1stoffering in 2010 of Workingman’s Dead/American Beauty cover to cover, note for note show, to the adventurous note-perfect 2015 presentation of Terrapin Station, complete with symphony, DOL has left almost no stone unturned in the Dead’s 50-year history!

Over the last 30 years, Halloween weekend and the Grateful Dead have come to be known for their historic run of shows that brought acoustic Dead back to life in 1980’s Radio City Music Hall shows! This majestic run of shows set the stage for the touring machine the Grateful Dead were to become for the rest of their career, widening their audience and becoming the highest grossing touring band in history.

This year DOL endeavors to recreate the music, the sights, sounds (and smells…) of this classic run of Dead shows with their stellar class of world class musicians specialized in this wonderful era. Acoustic gems like Cassidy, Birdsong and Ripple followed by full electric double drumming set featuring Jack Straw, Ramble On Rose and more.  Come relive the magic with Dead On Live’s Radio City Music Hall 1980 Halloween show!

Multi-instrumentalist Marc Muller directs a Note For Note celebration capturing  important and beloved periods of the Grateful Dead’s long and illustrious, and stylistically diverse career. He has assembled an impressive cast of world class musicians that have been able to reproduce virtually every note of every instrument, as well as all of the beautifully orchestrated vocal arrangements that are trademarks of the Dead’s classic American recordings, to a level that’s perhaps never been accomplished and performed live in concert before.  In keeping with the true spirit of the Grateful Dead, every DOL show also features plenty of jamming and improv that’s sure to keep the kids dancing and shaking their bones!