Tamar Eisenman At City Vineyard - 1/16

Tuesday, January 16 2018 4:30pm Doors / 8:30pm Start / Ends 9:45PM (Estimated End Time)
Tue Jan 16 2018

Tamar Eisenman At City Vineyard - 1/16

at City Winery New York City

9:45PM (Estimated End Time)


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This winter, City Vineyard (233 West St in Hudson River Park) will transform into a cozy, intimate music venue where acclaimed national touring artists will perform against the gorgeous background of the Hudson River and the downtown NYC skyline. These special shows will be limited to 100 guests who will also be able to enjoy the new winter bistro menu and a full bar before, during and after the show. SEE THE FULL LINEUP HERE

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the show!



Tamar Eisenman

The virtuosic guitarist icon singer-songwriter and artist began her musical career with the release of her self-titled and produced EP in 2003 composed and recorded at her home studio. The Ep distributed independently and mainly word of mouth making a substantial impact and quickly received massive attention from the local press centering Tamar in the evolving upcoming indie/alternative pop-rock music scene in Israel and signing to NMC Music label for her future album releases.

“It took me two days to recover from the shock, recalling a great musical experience in which I saw Gary Moore, B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix all on one stage Reflected through Tamar Eisenman, whose performance borders on perfection.

Don’t let Tamar Eisenman’s diminutive stature fool you - she’s a musical heavyweight."


David Brinn

Tamar released five official studio albums. Mixing meticulous yet live-feel production styles with a sensitive singer-songwriter ethic, Tamar is a singer-songwriter and guitarist that regularly shatters stereotypes. Presenting a versatile musical attitude, she sounds equally at ease with the delicate acoustic ballads as she does with energetic guitar riffs driven songs. Tamar has opened for Jeff Beck and performed with Kaki King.

Tamar spent part of her childhood in San Francisco with her family. At the age of six, she was first introduced to rock, folk, blues and country music and started picking the little guitar. Growing up in Israel she was eager to create a new female voice in Israel’s rock music scene by exploring various influences of gender identities and cultural fluidities. Tamar has been paving an independent musical journey stretching all her strings as she always explores new boundaries. Today, Tamar, based in New York City performs her new solo and trio band shows and brings an exact combination of vulnerability and ruggedness, shyness and extroversion of rock & folk. All these nuances blend into a fabulous musical concoction she calls "Hip-Rock." With her guitars and lyrics, Tamar, “a big small lady” (Jeff Beck) is creating each time a new musical experience on stage.

“Surprise, surprise, She’s not Hendrix, or Moore, or BB at all. She’s Tamar Eisenman – and if you get a chance to hear her live or on record you will know, that in a world where so many people sound the same, that’s someone very special indeed. Eisenman is very, very much as her CD title proclaims, On her way.” 3songsbonn 2015