Oran Etkin: Timbalooloo SoHo Space Grand Opening Celebration Concert (Brunch Show) - 1/13

Saturday, January 13 2018 10:00 am Doors / 11:00 am Start / Ends 12:30 pm
Sat Jan 13 2018

Oran Etkin: Timbalooloo SoHo Space Grand Opening Celebration Concert (Brunch Show) - 1/13

at City Winery New York City

10:00 am
11:00 am
12:30 pm






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Oran Etkin’s Timbalooloo SoHo Space Grand Opening Celebration Concert

“Our son was talking about Herbie Hancock, Mozart, Samba and African music - and he knew the difference!” - Harvey Keitel & Daphna Kastner Keitel

This January, Oran Etkin’s Timbalooloo is celebrating the opening of its first flagship location designed especially for young children and their families: Timbalooloo SoHo Space! Join us for a full-band Timbalooloo family concert at City Winery followed by a parade one block down the street to Timbalooloo SoHo for a ribbon cutting and reception!

Founded in 2005 by internationally acclaimed clarinetist, composer and educator Oran Etkin, Timbalooloo is inspired by the intuitive way that children learn languages at a young age and strives to nurture a generation of children around the world who speak the international language of music with the same fluency as their mother tongue! All the instruments come to life and “talk” through their music so that from the youngest age, children conceive of playing music as performing the magical act of making their instrument come to life, talk, play, laugh, cry and interact spontaneously with its other instrument friends. This quality of magically breathing life into an instrument was what made Etkin first fall in love with music when he heard Louis Armstrong as a young child. The Timbalooloo method is infused with stories that Etkin created about great masters from various traditions - from Willie Nelson to Mozart, Miriam Makeba to Tito Puente. In fact, Herbie Hancock recently heard about all the children learning his music through Timbalooloo and invited Etkin to perform it in Paris for UNESCO’s International Jazz Day. Hancock makes a brief appearance in one of the Timbalooloo TV videos, which UNESCO premiered at schools and venues in its 195 partner countries this year.

Over the years, Etkin has hand selected and trained a core group of Timbalooloo teaching artists. Through their work, Timbalooloo has been taught to over 3,000 children in New York alone! Through Etkin’s international touring and recording projects including featured tracks on a Grammy Award Winning anti-bullying compilation, Timbalooloo has reached thousands more children around the world. As Etkin crosses the globe from Ghana to Indonesia, Turkey to Japan, he also brings back stories, songs and instruments to share with the Timbalooloo students back home in New York!

Timbalooloo got its start in New York with its unique brand of music classes and that format continues to be at the heart of Timbalooloo’s mission. The opening of this new Soho Space is part of an expansion of the Timbalooloo program in New York, which also includes home-classes offered throughout the city and partnerships with several schools including Barrow Street Nursery School, JCP Downtown, Manhattan Schoolhouse and Midwood Montessori.

With the opening of Timbalooloo Soho, Etkin’s goal is to create a unique musical home for the beloved community of families that comes together around a love of music and culture. The space is filled with rare instruments collected from around the world and photos that are used to tell riveting stories about the Samba, Mozart, King Louis XIV of France and the cherry blossom festival in Japan. Yet the most important part is actually the room it leaves for the children and the families to fill with their own creativity and sense of expression!

January kicks off with a strong schedule of classes for various age ranges starting at 4 months old up to 8 years old as well as special classes such as parent-child African drumming and the popular “Growing Glockenspiels” class for ages 4 and up. In that class each child gets their own instrument to keep and take home that starts off with just one note on it (“one note old”). Gradually it grows throughout the year as the children learn to write each note on the music paper and play songs by Gershwin, Ellington and their own compositions! This new space truly belongs to the community and Etkin invites the families to help shape its growth and evolution! With the active involvement of parents, children, musicians and artists, the Timbalooloo Soho Space can achieve its potential as a unique bridge between the community of families and the rich and vibrant scene of music, arts and culture in New York.

The opening of Timbalooloo SoHo offers New York families a unique opportunity to experience the Timbalooloo classes with its founder. Etkin, who had reduced his classroom time over the past few years as his international touring has increased, is excited to get back on the music rug with the kids, teaching many of the classes in the new space himself and building direct relationships with the families. Looking forward, he envisions the space as a unique hands-on training ground for a new generation of Timbalooloo music teachers that can cary the method on in years to come. At the core of Timbalooloo is the belief that the immense power of music lies not just in the individual’s pursuit of technical mastery but in the joyful and soulful creation of community!