More than twenty artists, thinkers, and entertainers will join live in this unprecedented gathering as we wander together through the quarantine desert; an ancient dinner party that transcends religion and provokes new thinking in a world hungry for order.

When: Thursday, March 25 (two days before Passover actually starts), 7:00 PM ET

Livestream From Home: 


4 Mayoral Candidates will each do a blessing and speak on one of the 4 glasses of wine including Andrew Yang, Scott Stringer, Ray McGuire, and Kathryn Garcia.  


City Winery is proud to announce it’s annual Passover Seder, taking place on Thursday, March 25th,(two days before Passover actual begins) live from City Winery New York and streamed around the globe.   This annual tradition goes back thousands of years, but for 27 years in NY, Michael Dorf has produced an artist/celebrity interpretive Seder that transcends Judaism and takes the themes within the Passover story of tyrants and governments harboring lethal hatred for outsiders and immigrants, the liberation struggles, the histories of oppression, bigotry, anti-Semitism and racial injustice, even pandemics and plagues represented in the timeless Passover story and make it relevant for our time.  


Over the years, first at Mr. Dorf’s Knitting Factory, then the Museum of Jewish Heritage and now at City Winery locations, 20 presenters usually live in one room with an seated audience of 300 people eat, drink, and enjoy a unique presentation.  This year, given the Covid issues.  It will primarily a live-streamed at home event with a handful of people live from City Winery Pier 57. Last year City Winery’s online event drew 4000 live and the Youtube video now has over 33,000 views.  


This year, besides the 4 Mayoral Candidates, the Seder will include Comedians Lewis Black, Judy Gold, and Mark Normand; musicians David Broza, Idan Raichel, Marc Cohn, Max Weinberg, and Speech of Arrested Development.  Additional greetings from Dr. Ruth, Al Franken and others.   This unprecedented gathering will gather again as we wander together the Covid dessert; an ancient dinner party that transcends religion and provokes new thinking in a world hungry for order and unity.

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“Half postmodern religious ritual and half cabaret”

            -Jewish Learning Magazine


“More dreadlocks than yarmulkes, with Lou Reed as the “bad child”, Phillip Glass and more, it felt like a cross between summer camp in the Catskills and a progressive jazz concert,”

            -The New York Times, April 27, 1997 (That’s right, been doing it a long time!)


“Easy to understand why City Winery’s Downtown Seder will differ from all other Seders, if only about the wine…”

            -Atlanta Jewish Times


“The hippest Seder on Earth, more deconstructionist than Reconstructionist” 

            -The Forward


The Downtown Seder started back in 1997, but we didn't discover livestreams until 2020.